using bullheads for flathead bait

While I was reeling in the bullhead, all of a sudden my pole would double. I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried that I could no longer cut the mustard with bait techniques. You do not need expensive gear and you do not have to be a catfish guide. However, I don’t recall ever catching a bullhead on a lure. Participant. If you can get big baits use them. Bait for Flathead. The DNR continues to work on getting a rule change that will allow us to use longer bullheads as bait. Are Bullheads Good Bait for Flatheads. 3. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. ORIGINAL POST. Using bullheads for bait… whittsend. I've tried this 2 or 3 times with small channels ranging from 5-12 inches in length because channels are incredibly abundant by me. Keep in mind however that particular spots might work well at the start of the run-out, while others may be better on the last of tide. No, indeed. Bullheads tend to have a thicker or rounder shape, with the head taking up a greater proportion of the total body than other catfish species. i love fishing with bullheads when i can get them, i used to have a place that i could go and pull out 2 dozen in an hour no problem but can't go there anymore. Their goal was to use them as bait the following night for catfish. Flathead are ambush feeders and lay in wait near drop offs and the edge of channels for food. Keep moving Keep movi So I did some research for this article. They are hoping to have something by next year.If you would like to get on the DNRs Request to Adopt notice you should contact them and have your name and address added to … Occasionally, I’ll catch a channel catfish or flathead catfish on a lure. WARNING: Be very careful when … I heard talk of some using 2 bullheads for walleye bait with success. How about worms? Flathead Catfish Live Bait = Bullheads, small carp, bluegill, other ? Flatheads prefer living baitfish like shad and bluegill over dead items. Fish on or near the bottom, using a small sinker to carry your bait down. Flathead is probably the least discriminatory of all the fish eating most baits which move into their strike zone. You’ll also need a 2-3 ounce lead weight to keep your live or dead bluegill near the bottom and provide a little tension to begin setting the circle hook after the fish bites. I like to use squid for a couple of good reasons. Flathead aren't dirty fighters and even in areas where there are obstructions they seem to fight away from these. Anyone ever use them and what rigs are best. Posts: 2,395. Thanks! The DNR would probably frown on you moving the fish from one body of water to another. May 2, 2012 at 5:59 pm #1064917. I have used J hooks and have a leader holder full of pre-tied J-hooks but I seldom use them. I keep a 100 gallon bait tank and maintain a stock of about 50 to 75 bullheads. While you can undoubtedly use rig number one above for live baits, casting poddy mullet, small slimy or yakka, is better with a few adjustments. Live yabbies wriggling around on a hook are the bait of choice, but most baits should get the job done. However, if you intend using weight, let it run to the hook. The best bait to catch flathead. Bullheads-The winner of the favorite flathead bait contest for sure. You could use a bait hook or octopus hook, but I feel for catfish using bluegills as bait, you really should go with a circle hook. I would check with them before you do it again. Using Bullheads as Minnows for Catfish Bobbehead Bob was at the fishing dock on Lake Hiawatha the other night, where a three other fishers were going to town fishing for bullheads. This forced my hand to using bait again, which I hadn’t used in well over six years. You may catch small blue cats also using shrimp though it wouldn’t be the ideal bait to use for them. The next big catfish bait I would try would be some bullheads or small catfish. I was fishing one day with earthworms, trying to catch channel cats. Fishing Bait you Can Use. Bullheads don't get as large as other catfish species. Live Fish. One thing I like about chub is that it makes excellent cut bait after they die. This is true to some extent and I won’t argue against live bait being the best bait for flathead catfish but … Nolan 0 Posted May 11 , 2013. I started using black bullheads for bait 30 years ago. And do flats seem to prefer the bullheads, or do channels like them equally as well? The most important tip for learning how to catch bullhead is that bullheads love bait. I never leave home without them. I’m not much of a cat fisherman, but I am curious… I’m sure you guys have covered this before… But how exactly do you guys rig up a bullhead when using it for bait? There are plenty of good bait choices to catch flathead. Brian Klawitter. It depends on the depth of the area you're fishing and how low the water needs to get to force the bait into moving towards the deeper water. I’m heading out now to try a couple on the Croix to see what happens. 2. I caught a bunch of walleyes this early winter that were stuffed full of them. A large flathead can easily eat a 10 pound fish so don't be wimpy with your baits. They don't really get very big at all, and very common around 6-12 inches.they make bait rigs for specifically bullheads too. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 31, 2013. Here is how I hook up my baits and I would use this technique no matter what type of hook I was using. Saving you time to spend more time fishing for the flathead. Surely they will catch plenty of catfish, right? But always check local regs. Nolan. I started the season off exclusively using bullheads. Maybe I’ve been using the wrong bait. With a short deadline the challenge to get back up to speed with this form of fishing was well in front of me. It doesn’t fall off the hook and you get fewer bites from pest species such as banjos and toadfish. 2.Classic Flathead Rig for Larger Live Baits for Mono Mainlines. Larger bullheads are probably the best bait for large flathead cats. I relate the story merely to open your mind to the almost infinite possibilities. Bullheads are a great flathead bait because they stay alive and very frisky for hours. I have never trimmed any fins off - a flathead will just hammer a bullhead usually taking them head first and there is no need to trim the fins. Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River. My bait dealer gave me some 2 and 3 inch Bullheads for bait. Has anybody ever used a channel cat as flathead bait and had any luck? Does anyone know if it is legal to use minnow size bullheads for bait? For channel catfish and bullheads, the preferred food is minnows, shiners, small bluegill, and clam meat. Start with pilchard, blue bait, whitebait, prawns, pippis, chicken, mackerel and the list goes on. Use a leader about 1 meter long tied to the swivel as above. Since the beginning of July I try to bring both creek chub and bullies on my outings. I’d recommend a size 1/0 through 5/0 circle hook. Keymaster. Photos? Yellowbellys or Bullheads as we call them are great for spawning flatheads or anytime for that matter. Family 'we have more fun' I Share On FishingMN; 0 29 posts; Location: MN; Share; Posted May 11, 2013. 183 Posts . Following are some excellent flathead baits you can and should try. Both minnows and chubs make outstanding bait for bullheads as well as a number of other game fish species. If you have live bait or cut fresh bait, go with that though. That is unless you try using a multi hook bait rig. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 12, 2011. anyone ever used a small channel/bullhead catfish say in the 6-15" range for catching big flatheads? It seems to me it varies from night to night which bait they prefer. Can you catch catfish with worms? Or use a bobber to float the bait slightly above the bottom. You can purchase them at some bait stores or just catch them yourself on worms and chicken liver. Niles Bailey “Willy” said bullheads and bullheads for the best flathead baits. Using light tackle allows you to better savor your rock-'em-sock-'em battles with these little warriors. You can catch catfish using worms. The small ones are great for walleye.I like the 3 to 4 incers and I hook them through the upper lip on a jig like you would a regular minnow.When the eyes are aggressive it seems they out produce other baits. Give … SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ADD TO FAV ORTIES. Any one them? IMHO no, the out fit you use should be suited to what you are using to chase them. A 2 to 4 kg outfit you normally use for tossing plastics will do just fine. You really just need to use the right bait at the right time in the right place. Bullheads are a technically a gamefish with a limit of 100 and you can not use gamefish for bait. What I prefer to do is to use a poddy trap, as you will tend to catch quite a few at a time. 43 Posts . I really don't think they are a game fish,not here anyway. I'm sure you know this but these are used all over the country as bait, primarily for flathead catfish. They managed to get quite a […] They rarely exceed 3 pounds and most are less than a pound. I think some people maybe confused on what it is. I use circle hooks and have had good luck with them. Shiners are great live bait options for bass, trout, catfish, chain pickerel, large crappie, and bullheads. Flathead catfish are interesting fish, their habits are very different than the other catfish species in many ways. You do not need to fish deep or far from shore. Bullheads are my preferred flathead bait. A few times I noticed abrasions on the fish. From my experience, channel catfish and bullheads can be caught in good numbers using shrimp. aanderud. Shiners . You will not find bullheads in any baitshop. While I feel that live minnows and chubs work best, you can fish dead or frozen fish as well for good results. Bullheads are very hardy on the hook and in the bait tank. You can absolutely catch channel cats using garlic though so don’t discount it. Posts: 52,424. Be careful though or they could lodge themselves in those hiding spots so keep them moving. I mean they work incredibly on bullheads. Bullheads are my primary flathead bait. 4/8/07 @ 1:39 PM. Today, we learned a little bit of how to catch bullheads regardless if you want to for food, for photos, or to use for bait for giant flathead catfish. A 4 to 8kg general outfit if you are fishing bait or trolling will do just fine. The Light Touch. Since going to circle hooks I have a good hook-up rate so they are my Go-To hooks. June 21, 2012 at 8:00 pm #1222686. Using anything from a 2/0 to 6/0 hook depending on the size of bait, ganged hooks for whole pilchards, long shanks for prawns. The only thing with using these outfits is that you have to catch them one at a time. I would catch a bullhead. He went further into using bullheads by saying that early in the year smaller bullheads (3-5 inches) seem to work better than really large ones. 2. Despite them being tricky at times, you can catch them if you know how. I never leave home without them. anyone have any tips to find a good The bullheads stay alive much longer and will seek the same areas to hide as their flathead cousins which is right where you want them to go. For Flathead catfish, don’t use shrimp. Also, the lower lip of a flathead extends beyond the upper lip, but on the bullhead it doesn't. Reason I ask I’m getting loads of them in my minnow traps. Worms provide fish-attracting scent and enough natural action to draw in fish day or night. Got some dandy 5-6 golden shiners to throw at them to. I would fight the fish for awhile and then the pole would come back up and I would have a 6" black bullhead. Stink Bait vs. Garlic One thing you’ll hear often is “flathead catfish only eat live fish”. I would no more recommend using fluffy chicks for bait than I would suggest using puppies or kittens, a practice that is not only highly illegal but highly unethical.

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