repertory of hering's guiding symptoms of our materia medica

Repertory of HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS of our Materia Medica Part 1 (English Edition) eBook: Knerr, Calvin B. : Kindle Store (p. 1150). (p. 1076). (eyes) (p. 196). H�morrhoids (p. 1072). Mamm� (See 1: homeopathy (hering's guiding Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. E.g HGS: Bovista, under Stool and Rectum, Diarhoea before and during menses. cor. Page no: 380, Throat, Throat, inflammation, prevents swallowing and threatens suffocation, with small pox (gramme to 120 grammes water used as gargle), I Merc. Certain prophylactics are given as rubric: Page no: Stool and Rectum, Cholera, A prophylactic, suggested by Hering, consisting of a pinch of powdered milk of sulphur (Lac sulphur), sprinkled into stockings and worn in contact with the soles of feet, has proved a successful preventive in several epidemics of Asiatic cholera. (p. 404). Metamorphosis Total number of drugs given with cross-references are 416 drugs. Cross-reference to same drugs are given for 7 drugs. PDF Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Constantine Hering For Kindle. AND DIRECTION. Sexual Publication date 1896 Topics Homeopathy Drugs found in drug abbreviation but not found in this chapter are 2 drugs. They belong to what is known as the puritan group. He also gives the limitation of the repertory regarding to the Guiding Symptoms. He acknowledges Dr. Joseph C. Guernsey, for valuable assistance with the proofs; to Dr. W. H. Philips, Messrs. Douty, Ziegler and Field, his son Bayard and others of his family, for clerical assistance; and last to his brother in law, Walter E. Hering. 49 INDEX 1219 – 1232 14 * Ends in page 744 but it is wrongly numbered. Illusions 625). OF OUR . Cholera Asiatica 219). Lungs (p. 806). Sexual II. Skull (p. 169). 1064). In a repertory we have separation by analysis for the purpose of classification and ready reference; in Materia Medica, combination by synthesis to enable us to study drug effects in their grand utility and relationship”. 1) The biggest stumbling block to its use is the overly complex and graphically layout. Masturbation (1940) 4)Sunstroke and Its Homeopathic Treatment. Scapul� (p. 882). Confusion  Page no: 637, Mammae Chapter 24, i.e. Circumorbital Inguinal Region Disadvantages  1) Difficult to search the sub sub rubrics. 2) Not easily comprehensible for the beginners. 3) Finer rubrics and sub rubrics very difficult to distinguish each other especially in Sensorium chapter. 4) Same rubric is repeated or found with similar meaning, but seen with different drugs. 5) Nosodes are not represented well. 6) Lack of detailed introduction part by the author regarding how to use the repertory. Brows (See 1142). (p. 976). The source GS however points out that the modality is ‘before menses’ and not ‘after menses’. 619). (See Seminal (p. 744). Falling Asleep (complementary of Hep. Sweat (p. 1110). ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF SYMPTOMS FOR KNERR REPERTORY: As per Hering’s view on Hahnemannian concept ranking of symptoms is based on: Symptoms should be alike and similar in intensity of drug. Next it should be treated from within to without. Last symptom appeared should be given prior importance though insignificant. Iris (p. 200).  Knerr used the same structure throughout as found in the Guiding Symptoms, even to including the “relationships” at the end of the book and giving the remedies the four lines of grading. 840). and Disposition (p. 17). 1022). Chapter 31 : NECK a repertory of hering s guiding symptoms of our materia medica. Whooping Cough Genitals (p. Parturition (p. (p. 201). Fever (p. 1091). Originally working with Dr. Charles Mohr and Dr. Charles Raue, and later working alone, Knerr completed Hering’s masterpiece in 1895. Dr. Knerr spent 5 years writing his 2-volume Repertory to the Guiding Symptoms, which was published in 1896. This repertory to Hering’s Materia Medica never saw widespread use. Skip to content. (p. 627). (p. 547). Author: Dr Constantine Hering ISBN: 978-81-319-09898 Publisher: ‘B Jain Publishers Pvt. Cholera Morbus 149). This helps in easy selection of remedy in a narrow field.  The main chapters are 46, but he added the 47th chapter based on Hering’s stages of life and constitution, which he had appended at the end of all remedies, after giving their pathogenesis, including clinical conformations, under different headings. 363). online : Parenchymatous Saliva (p. 358). Joints For e.g. 143). HEAD. Catalepsy (p. Toothache (p. Davis co., for the estate of C. Hering in Philadelphia . Desires (p. 396). LIMITATIONS: Calvin .B. (p. 100). Uterus (p. 672). 394). Such observations from the Old School or the New as are worthy of our consideration. (Calvin Brobst), 1847-1940 Contributor(s): Hering, Constantine, 1800-1880 (p. 534). BY Hysteria (p. 1021). 634). Vertigo, from vexation: Calc Vertigo, in bed: I Carb veg., I Con., in old people suffering with eruptions, Con; as if feet were going up, I Phos ac. REPERTORY OF HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MATERIA MEDICA – CALVIN B. KNERR: Different types of repertories with different philosophies emerged out. Pupils (p. 217). Chin HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS GUIDING SYMPTOMS . (p. 685). (Knerr p. 667). Passages (p. 702). Les mer. 631). Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica: Arnica - Bromium. arrangement * Note, Repertory 579). 120). Parenchymatous Chapter 24.) TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS: As per symptoms available the totality can be framed as follows: A. (p. 771). Ohnedr. And in which cases require polychrests many cases that Kent and Knerr point to the same remedy after repertorization. (p. 781). Examine the rubric Forgetful of what she is going to do: in post-partum hemorrhage, I Cann-s.; II Carb ac. The division corresponds with four grades of Boenninghausen’s repertory. in Pregnancy, Parturition, Lactation chapter. 701). Scalp (p. 169). Before Midnight Occiput (p. 144). Choroid (p. 172). Excitement (p. 671). Moaning, sleeplessness with: Crot c (Syn 182). – denotes Observation from old school. MATERIA MEDICA. Neuralgia (p. philadelphia : published by the estate of constantine hering , nti copyright , 1891 , by theresa hering . Find all the books, read about the author and more. SEXUAL ORGANS. AND WEATHER. Details. T U Lassitude (p. Chapter 12 : INNER (p. 1057). Nervousness (p. Heart (p. 824). Mamm� (p. 689). Publication date 1897 Topics Homeopathy, Materia Medica Publisher disponibili in lingua inglese. Vitreous (p. 231). But this separation and generalization spoil the use of ‘uncontaminated’ exact words of the prover. Awaking Thighs (p. 976). Trichinosis (p. Malaise (p. 1025). (p. 772). * W * X 172). Lumbar Region COVID-19 Update. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Repertory of HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS of our Materia Medica Part 2 at E.g. Secretions (p. B C Mental generals B. Chorea (p. 1007). A complement to all other Materia Medicas, it is chiefly a collection of cured symptoms verified from own practice. (p. 99). Repertory of Hering's Guiding symptoms of our materia medica. Tumors (p. (Modalities, concomitants, directions, etc) 5. Faceache (p. 1) Apoplexy 2) Brain 3) Forehead 4) Head 5) Headache 6) Occiput 7) Parietal 8) Temples 9) Vertex. 4) Each chapter is divided into sections, which are given alphabetically, e.g. Faintness (p. (1936) 3) Conversation, Talks, Life And Times Of Hering. Erection (See Drug Plague (p. 1138). 741). Constitution Supraorbital) (p. 227). (p. 1003). Epiglottis (p. Penis.)  22) In cases spondylosis, prolapse of disc, sciatica etc the section on spine will be very useful.  The Heritage Of Homoeopathic Literature – Repertories. Quarterly Homoeopathic Digest – Vol XVIII, 3 And 4, 2001. WEBSITES:   www.wholehealthnow .com Restlessness (p. 1074). 1136). Ulcers (p. 1143). (p. 1184). Liver (p. 476). Forehead (p. Legs (p. 957). (p. 334). As per HGS the intensity of Knerr repertory should be given but here it is given in contradicting way. 324). Canthi (p. 171). * M * N Dysentery (p. One of the great classic Repertories. Chilliness (p. (p. 823). Repertory  21) Another major feature of Knerr repertory is giving what happens during a condition, what happens before it, what happens after it, everything in a single chapter. In repertory, rubrics related to Temperament and Diathesis are found throughout the sections related with generals. ABIES NIGRA. August 21, 2020: Biblio is open and shipping orders.  then entered the office of Dr. Constantine Hering as his assistant. E.g. Page no: 1036, Chapter 36, Nerves, Trembling, of jaw:  Aur. Thus the word concordance is analogous to the word repertory. Probably it’s an error. 1) Intensity is changed in certain symptoms. HGS: page 20, Acalypha indica: I Cough with bloody expectoration  Knerr: page 773, Cough and expectoration, Expectoration, bloody: Acal. HGS: page 520, Argentum nitricum, II Desire for strong cheese  Knerr: page 396, Appetite, Thirst, Desire, Aversion., Desire, cheese: Arg nit. HGS: page 382, Antimoniam tartaricum, I Desire for acids or fruits. Knerr: page 396, Appetite, Thirst, Desire, Aversion, Desire,acids:Ant t HGS: Aconitum Napellus, II Vertigo after fright. Knerr: page 88, Sensorium, Vertigo, from fright: I Acon 2) Certain drugs not represented in Knerr but found in HGS. 1138). J K Occupation (p. Hunger (p. 398). (1878 –79) 5) Repertory of Headache. AND BACK. Glans (p. 618). PASSIVE MOTION. As per HGS the intensity of Knerr repertory should be given but here it is given in contradicting way. After Midnight CONSTANTINE HERING, M. D. Coition Palpitation (p. Mouth Knees (p. 950). PULSE AND CIRCULATION. (p. 1124). 1028). Excess (p. 671). In Knerr this symptom was found with the modality “after menses” (Knerr p.667). H I Also the intensity of Graph is changed. HGS: Ferr phos, under Fever given as Fever with cough. But it can no way can take the place of the larger work. For example: aversion to amusement – Ignatia; aversion to her children – Platina; aversion in women to opposite sex – Raphanus, not seen in Kent. Knerr’s repertory is mainly based on concomitant symptoms. 10) It is repertory of cured symptoms. 11) This repertory is supplemented by complete index of locality and terms. 12) Knerr’s repertory can be used as clinical repertory where pathological and diagnostic names are given to the fullest. 13)Although it mixes pathogenic and clinical data, it contains several rubrics that cannot be found anywhere else. 14) The reliability of the symptoms and the remedies is doubly ensured by repeated verification, observations and confirmations. 15) In comparison to Kent’s repertory, rubric placing is more appropriate in Knerr’s repertory. 16) Errors in converting the patient’s symptoms into rubrics can be avoided by using this repertory. 17) Today this repertory is acts as a guide for further work on repertory36. 18) We have a Materia Medica to fall back on, when the repertory gives only confusing data. In both Kent and Boenninghausen, symptoms are split in many ways to suit the structure of the repertory. By Calvin B. Knerr, M. D. (p. 170).  HGS: Graphites, under Female Sexual Organs, I During menses, catarrhal fever, under Fever no symptom related to menses is given. Knerr: page 661, Female Sexual Organs, During menses, fever, Acon, Bell, Gels, Graph, Helon, Kali bi, Natr.m, Phos, Rhod, Sep, Sul.

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